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Why Namibia?

Those travellers loving to explore further destinations would ask themselves, why Namibia? Why do others, including friends and family, with or without children, keep coming back and rave about Namibia?
There are many answers.

No mass tourism

One thing remains, and that is, that Namibia is not supposed to be for the masses, but for the discerning and passionate traveller. Namibia’s many facets and contrast offer a feeling of freedom, emphasized through the spectacular never-ending horizon, the clean, fresh air, and the silence of the desert. Namibia simply lets you escape the modern rat race and offers a release to modern day pressures.

Abundance of variety and contrasts

For many the beauty of Namibia lies within its many varieties of Fauna. Even the oldest desert, the Namib Desert, offers a variety of animal life which can be experienced during day and night-time. Namibia boasts a variety of game- and nature reserves from where the big five and many other species can be observed. A photographer’s paradise! Namibia also boats an unusual and fascinating plant life, which has adapted quite extraordinarily in some areas to the very harsh environment, like the spectacular and famous Welwitschia Mirabilis.
Contrasts as far as the eye can see and the many contradictions are for many a traveller the reasons to keep returning and exploring the country from a different perspective. On each occasion being surprised and astounded by the country’s raw beauty and amazing vastness.

Comfortable & easy travel

Even for the locals the wish is for the country to stay in its natural beauty and that visitors enjoy the wonder that is called Namibia. With the size of central Europe and with a population of just above 2 million, Namibia is home to a widely dispersed population.
Even Windhoek, the capital of Namibia and the largest city in the country, could easily be mistaken in character and lifestyle for one of the cosy smaller towns of the Northern Hemisphere.

Africa safaris that refresh body, soul and spirit

For those that have succumbed to Namibia’s variety of charms will soon be able to add themselves to the endless list of “Namibiaholics”. It is no longer frowned upon to hear how visitors speak of being homesick to Namibia. An inevitable occurrence once you have had the pleasure, joy, and honour of experiencing this beautiful gem on the West Coast of Southern Africa.

Welcome to Namibia!