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Popular activities from A-Z for young and old

For day visitors this guest farm near Windhoek is open all year round. The activities are exciting and informative and experiencing the cheetahs and leopards is a highlight. These endangered big cats are usually spotted very rarely but can be easily observed and photographed here – the dream of every photographer!

Namibia’s harbour town Walvis Bay is the hub of adventure, with marine cruises offered to watch seals, dolphins, and marine birdlife. From meeting with pelicans to feeding seals, and if luck permits, leaping dolphins and shy turtles ‐ all this and more can be experienced on a morning boat cruise. The cold Atlantic waters off the Namib coast harbour a wealth of marine life. Once aboard the journey starts into the beautiful Bay area, which holds more beauty than the eye can at first capture – a shipwreck, lighthouse, Oyster platforms, different bird species, seals and more marine life. At Pelican Point you can view the large Cape Fur Seal colony. Moving around Pelican Point three different types of dolphins may be encountered, including the Heavyside Dolphins, which are the most important as they are endemic to the coast of Namibia.
In season the larger mammals like the Southern Right Whale and the Humpback Whales may be spotted and with a bit of luck the Mola Mola (Sunfish) and the Leatherback Turtles.
All this can be seen whilst enjoying a glass of sparkling wine and snacks.

Namibia boasts 676 of Southern Africa’s 887 species. Bird watching in the Caprivi Strip is a pleasure as the region has the highest concentration of birds in the country, including near-endemic species. The Caprivi is considered one of Africa’s top 10 birding destinations! In the Etosha National Park about 340 bird species await the keen birdwatcher. Nowhere else on the African coast will you find more important wetlands than the Walvis Bay and Sandwich Harbour lagoons. These provide a dry season refuge for 80% of Southern Africa’s flamingos, and support the world’s rare Chestnut-banded plover. The Walvis Bay lagoon and surrounding wetlands are a RAMSAR Site and home to a wide variety of waders including various sandpipers, different species of plovers and pelicans. Birds that are partly or wholly endemic to Namibia include the Herero chat, Rosy face lovebird and Cinderella waxbill.

Lüderitz: The day tour leads into the “Sperrgebiet” (forbidden diamond area), through breath-taking desert landscapes with an incredible variety of desert plants. Visit the old “ghost” mining town of Pomona where some of the mining equipment dating back to 1910 to 1930 is still reasonably well preserved. The visit to Pomona feels like a journey into the past, when the first diamonds were discovered. The final destination is the famous “Bogenfels”, an approximately 50-meter-high rock arch that juts into the Atlantic Ocean. Allow yourself to get carried away by one of the most spectacular sights in this rugged area. This tour needs to be booked well in advance to arrange for the necessary permits.

Zimbabwe: Possible in Victoria Falls, from the bridge over the Zambezi River that connects Zimbabwe and Zambia. The 111-meter-high bungee jump is probably one of the most adventurous activities in southern Africa. In free fall, you rush on the secured bungy rope towards Batoka Gorge.
South Africa: The Bloukrans Bridge at a height of 216 meters is one of the highest commercial bungee jump in the world and attracts the adventurous. Located on the beautiful Garden Route, it offers one of the most spectacular jumps in South Africa, if not the world.

Swakopmund’s camel rides take riders through the Swakop River and into the dunes. Once you get used to the camels rocking gait you will have a grand view of the desert. Immerse yourself in a nomadic desert experience. Trips are conducted daily and last around 30 minutes. Very nice for children!

Yes, it is safe and rewarding to drive and walk on one’s own through Windhoek. But do you know afterwards the history and stories behind individual houses, places or monuments? Do you know any anecdote about the development of the city or any inside story about Windhoek’s castles? In order to feel the pulse of Windhoek and getting numerous background information, we provide you with a knowledgeable guide. You will also experience the suburb Katutura and have the unique opportunity for some small talk with the locals.

For golfers who enjoy a challenge and a complete change of scenery, Namibia offers an array of interesting and unique golf courses, including the Windhoek Country & Golf Club and the famous Rossmund Desert Golf Course near Swakopmund.
South Africa offers some of the best golf resorts and golf courses in the world. The world famous South African golfer Gary Player has designed many famous golf courses.
The Elephant Hills Golf Course is located outside Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, in the immediate vicinity of the waterfalls. Imagine a round of golf with antelopes, warthogs or elephants roaming the course!

The country offers a wide variety of walks, overnight hiking trails and guided wilderness trails.
The most popular hiking trails lead through the Khomas Hochland, the Naukluft Mountains and the Fish River Canyon. Experience the Fish River Canyon up close, sit by the campfire and sleep under the stars. These trails are offered in the wilderness north of the Canyon lookout points. Each camp has cabins with beds and mattresses as well as communal bathrooms. A central cabin serves as a dining area and kitchen, while a fire pit or braai-place outdoors is provided for braais/barbeques. Each camp has its own cutlery and crockery, including a kettle, braai grids and a gas stove. Firewood is available. Hiking on this trail is only permitted in Namibia’s winter months between April to September.

Sitting astride a horse provides a totally different perspective of Namibia’s untouched areas. Few experiences are as exhilarating as galloping over seemingly endless plains. Outrides for all ages and for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders are offered. Excursions range from one to three hours, while overnight rides are also offered. Early morning and late afternoon rides are popular. Leaving the stables and lodge behind, you will set off on an unforgettable journey through wide open plains riding over a varied terrain changing from open savannah to rockier mountain trails.

Drifting silently over the Namib desert in a hot-air balloon is an experience that is not easily forgotten. You will enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the desert plains, dunes and inselbergs. After riding the winds on a “magic carpet” for about an hour, you are spoiled with a scrumptious “Out of Africa” breakfast. Taking to the skies is an unforgettable experience!

The Living Desert Tour is a unique 4×4 adventure drive through the dunes outside Swakopmund, which specializes in bringing the desert to life while sharing the awesome beauty of the Namib Desert. Just the drive in the dunes is an amazing experience, but you will see a lot more than sand. The tour takes you from the vegetated, life-rich eastern side of the dunes, right through the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean on the western side of the dune belt. You are introduced to some of the fascinating, hidden life in this apparently barren landscape that is part of the Namib Desert. Here you can find creatures endemic to the Namib, for example the sidewinder snake (Peringuey’s Adder) and the Palmato Gecko with its transparent skin, the dancing White Lady Spider and Namaqua Chameleons can be seen. You find out how the area’s plants and small animals survive the harsh climate, and how they obtain water for life.
Excellent photographic opportunities.
Half day tour from Swakopmund: 08h00 – 13h00

In the Okavango Delta, Botswana, mokoro trips in a canoe are offered through lagoons and islands to give guests the chance to experience a classic Delta safari. Very little beats the tranquility of gliding through narrow water channels. This ecologically diverse area offers open grasslands and floodplains with reed and papyrus plants. The Okavango Delta is an enigma of crystal-clear channels, serene lagoons and a myriad of islands that support a wealth of fauna and flora alike.

In Swakopmund, Namibia’s Adrenalin Oasis.
Buffeted by the predominantly south-west winds, the slopes and slip faces of the dunes between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are ideal for sandboarding. No experience is needed for lie-down or stand-up boarding. Guaranteed to give smiles and to get the adrenaline pumping.
An awesome full morning outing.
Time: 09h30 till 13h30

In Namibia, many of the most scenic regions are situated in remote areas. What could be more interesting than to explore these remote areas from the air and observe them from a bird’s eye view. Particularly in the coastal town of Swakopmund, there is a wide range of scenic flights available, ranging from a short flight along the rugged coast to a day trip inland over the Namib desert.

Sandwich Harbour, south of Walvis Bay and part of the Namib Naukluft Park, is a place many have heard of but very few have ever visited. Giant sand dunes run straight into the ocean, creating breath-taking sceneries and unique landscapes. If weather and tides allow, you will drive right to the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon, one of Southern Africa’s richest and unique wetlands. Wedged between the sea and the Namib Dunes, potable water seeping from the underground aquifer sustains the freshwater vegetation at the base of the dunes. A picnic lunch is usually served on top of a high dune overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, or on the beach. The route homewards will take you through the dunes giving you exceptional viewpoints.
A full day tour starts at 10h00 in Walvis Bay and ends around 16h30.

Namibia’s premier drop zone is situated just outside the coastal town of Swakopmund. The scenery viewed whilst floating under an inflated parachute is simply breath-taking. Before taking off, an experienced Tandem Master will give full instructions on the procedures that will follow. Take a 35-minute scenic flight over the area climbing to 10,000 feet and see the Atlantic Ocean where it meets the Namib Desert Dunes. The aircraft door opens, and you jump attached to a world-class qualified tandem instructor. You free fall at 200km/h and experience the feeling of human flight. Your instructor then opens the parachute, and you get to fly over the oldest Desert in the world suspended from your parachute for approximately 5-8 minutes and then finally the instructor lands you safely on Mother Earth.
Pick-up time (depending on the weather): From 9h00 throughout the day, usually after the fog has lifted in the morning.

In Swakopmund, Namibia’s Adrenalin Oasis.
Experience the sheer thrill of riding a quad bike through Namibia’s boundless expanse of shifting sand dunes. A real adventure starts here for the ride of your life. You ride the wildest dunes, roller coasters and spirals of the Namib. Excellent photographic opportunities and adrenaline guaranteed!
One (1) hour guided quad biking tour, approx. 20 km;
Two (2) hours guided quad biking tour, approx. 38 – 55 km.

You travel from Swakopmund along the northern bank of the Swakop River into the oldest desert of the world, the Namib Desert. Your tour-guide will explain the origin of the Namib Desert and explain the geological and climatic conditions of this coastal desert. You will find yourself surrounded by the rugged and rocky scenery of the Namib Desert. Experience the “Ringing Stones” and the fascinating plants of the Namib, for example the indigenous Lithops, also known as the “Living Stones”, as well as a variety of rare lichens, and most of all, the remarkable Welwitschia plant, a living fossil which is only found in this geographical area. With a bit of luck, one can see Springbok, Klipspringer, Steenbok, Baboon, Ostriches, Ruppels korhaan and the Trac-trac Chat. After a lunch break you continue along the dry riverbed of the Swakop Valley which is lined with Tamarisk, Prosopis and Acacia trees. You pass the “Oasis Goanikontes”, enter the Namib Naukluft Park and view the “Moon Valley” from a vantage point. The tour closes off with a visit to the shifting sand dunes near Swakopmund.
A full day tour starts at 09h00 in Swakopmund and ends around 16h00.
The half day tour starts at 09h00 – 13h00 or 14h00 – 18h00.
Similar to the full day tour, but along a shorter route and without a lunch break.

An adventurous activity on the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It is a river, a waterfall, and the most magnificent white water rafting corridor on earth! White water rafting is also available as a multi-day excursion on the great Orange River in southern Namibia. To top it all the water is warm and the weather generally perfect all year round.

World renowned for our dark skies, with little or no impact from light pollution, the night skies of Namibia offer unsurpassed stargazing. Except on full moon nights, Alpha Centaurus, the Southern Cross, Orion and an overwhelming number of stars and constellations are clearly visible, the distances of which can often only be measured in light years. In addition to a few privately owned observatories, numerous lodges and guest farms also have good telescopes. Even if you have not paid much attention to the stars in the past, in Namibia you will become an admirer of the night sky!