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On the go in African summer and autumn

Namibia and its neighboring countries are south of the equator and therefore have opposite seasons to the northern hemisphere. Ideal for travelers who want to escape winter at home and want to experience southern Africa at low season prices.

If you are not bound to school holidays over Christmas and Easter, a visit to Namibia and large parts of southern Africa is recommended in our summer or autumn.
The Namibian low season extends from November to June of the following year. For this time there are inexpensive and attractive travel offers. The months of May and June are particularly recommended as a travel season, because nature shows its most beautiful facets after the rainy season. The weather is usually pleasantly mild at this time and there are relatively few tourists on the go. You can explore and get to know the country and its people in peace.
Namibia’s main rainy season extends from January to April, but this time is also suitable for travel, since the rain showers mostly fall in short, strong afternoon thunderstorms.
The spectacle of a thunderstorm in Namibia is unique. It is particularly interesting how quickly and intensely nature responds to the rain. The first green grass sprouts overnight, colorful wildflowers transform barren areas into colorful gardens, and you can watch animals in their “joy dance”, such as. For example, young springboks who jump wildly and hear the “rainbird” promise.
Rain is a very special event in southern Africa, because life and death depend on precipitation or its absence.