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Namibia has a very pleasant climate with over 300 days of sunshine a year.
The summer months (October – April) are hot and the daytime temperatures in the interior fluctuate between 20 – 34 degrees C. Temperatures of 35 degrees C or more are in and desert-affected areas, and not uncommon in both the south and the north of the country.

Winter days (May – September) are pleasant, although the night temperatures in the middle of winter can fall below the frost limit.The climate in the coastal areas is influenced by the cold Benguela current all year round. Fog is not uncommon at night, which usually dissolves in the morning.

The main rainy season extends from January to April. But this time is also suitable for traveling, since the rain showers usually only fall in short, strong afternoon and night thunderstorms.

Every visitor should always be prepared for cool and warm weather conditions that can occur in southern Africa in all seasons. Headgear, sunglasses, moisturizer and sunscreen are essential throughout the year.